The Idea Seed

A business offering corporate and personal massage in London needs to stand out from the crowd, so a super-slick identity makeover was required in this Business in a Day…

Ms. Oge Okoh had been working as a multi-talented masseuse, under the name Time Therapies, for a number of years. Oge was looking for a whole new identity for her company, along with a usable business plan and pricing structure; so she was the perfect person to participate in the pilot programme of Business in a Day and MAXIMUS.

We set out with a plan to revamp the Time Therapies website and make it organised and cohesive across multiple platforms, enabling Oge to update key elements, like the blog and pricing tables, when she left us at Business in a Day.

Outputs from the day

Our key focus was to ensure Oge not only had some fantastic outputs from the day, but also things that she could edit and modify in the future as her business developed and grew. By the end of the day, we wanted Oge to leave the office with a new brand image, engaging marketing materials, and an organised business plan. However, our focus and developments during the day allowed us to give Oge more than she thought was possible!

Oge was able to leave with:

  • A simple one-page business model
  • New brand identity (logo, colour-palette, typefaces)
  • A beautifully designed responsive Time Therapies website
  • An editable, professionally designed, price list
  • Benefit icons to be used on the site and pricing tables
  • A6 business card design (for emailing and printing)
  • Facebook and Twitter banners
  • Two A4 advertisements
  • Client testimonials
  • Branded MS word template
  • Photo library

The price list – more tricky than we thought!

Quite a bit of the day was spent working on the price list, which ended up being completely restructured by Oge and Sam Black, one of the gurus from MAXIMUS. They analysed Oge’s competitors’ rates and formulated a cohesive price guide for Oge’s clients; this data was then transformed by the BiaD designers into an intuitive and easy to understand set of prices – all editable by Oge for future proofing.


As for her brand identity, Oge was set on using the colours green and purple. Based on colour psychology, green represents healing, calm, nature, and balance, while purple represents peace and wistfulness. The two colours together seemed to work perfectly for Time Therapies. They ended up playing a crucial role for Oge’s brand, becoming the separating factor between her personal clientele (purple) and corporate clientele (green).

Post BiaD to-do list

While the website was mostly completed, we still needed to add approved copy and pictures, plus a few website ‘snags’. We encouraged Oge to upload her new social media banners to her accounts and focus on building an online brand presence. Because we set Oge up with ready-to-print documents, it was left up to her to send the files to a professional printer.

We were able to accomplish most of the initial outputs requested by Oge for Time Therapies, but there were a few we didn’t quite get finished, like the photo library editing and an invoice template; but these were sent to her in the following days. We did however provide her a MS Word template to use for anything we didn’t think of. We also recommended to Oge to create a booking form for corporate clients but didn’t get time to create this for her on the day.

She now has a unified identity with key elements she can edit in the future; so now we wait and see how her new materials fare for her business – good luck Oge and Time Therapies!


Lessons learned

With a group of six gurus, we were able to assign specific tasks to specific individuals. The day was efficient, and because we all focused and communicated, we were able to give Oge some really great materials for her business.

In this BiaD we had set out key deliverables in the beginning but found, during the BiaD process, there were a few extra things that were really useful for Oge. Some of the deliverables altered during discussions too, like the business card turning into an A6 flier instead. As always, the ‘reception bell’ for decision making really came in useful, and everyone wanted to ding it!

To find out more about Time Therapies and the treatments Oge can offer in the London area, please visit her website.

When BiaD said they would help me set up all the essential tools I needed for my business in one day, I was skeptical but they exceeded all my expectations! All the team were creative, talented and open to suggestions, and I can honestly say that I love all the finished work.

Oge Okoh

Time Therapies

Gurus on the day