The Idea Seed

Theresa started out catering events for friends and family. Since then, the business has evolved into Teelicious Cuisine, with a professional team of caterers to manage a busy schedule, catering for occasions ranging from large corporate events to close social gatherings. The brand and marketing needed to grow along with the business as it expanded, and this is where the BiaD team came in to help.

Theresa was looking to update and broaden her online presence, as well as get together some branded templates that she could use for sample menus. We set out with a plan to revamp the Teelicious website in line with their existing logo and make the Teelicious brand cohesive across multiple platforms. We also wanted to enable Theresa to update key elements like testimonials and image galleries in the future.


Outputs from the day

The aim of the day was to send Theresa away with an updated, fully branded website, FaceBook page and a couple of menu templates. Theresa arrived with logo design that she was already happy with so we saved some time by only needing to spruce that up before getting started on the online elements. Theresa wasn’t overly confident with her IT skills so we future-proofed by making everything easy for her to edit.

It was a fast-paced day but this meant we got more out of it than planned. Theresa was able to leave with:

  • A cohesive brand identity (redrawn vector logo, colour-palette, typefaces)
  • A refreshed, responsive Teelicious Cuisine website
  • An editable, professionally designed, booking form and invoice templates
  • A6 business card design (for emailing and printing)
  • FaceBook page and set of banners – Teelicious FaceBook page
  • A4 tri-fold leaflet
  • Client testimonials in PowerPoint for her to add to and export
  • Branded food labels
  • Professional staff briefing document
  • Sample menu that is easily edited in MS Word
  • Organised photo library


Focus on FaceBook

Because Theresa admitted she wasn’t the best with computers, we decided that editing the website may prove difficult for her going forward. However, she could use FaceBook and already had a personal account, so we decided the best option was to create her a company FaceBook page instead. It meant she could easily keep it up-to-date on the move using her mobile, and could tap into her social networks straight away – a key area for her on going marketing. On the day she had more than 40 likes and a number of people interacting with her posts.

We were really impressed with the number of features available in a FaceBook company page, all designed to enhance it’s marketing potential and reach targeted audiences. It was quick to set up too, which is a real bonus for getting everything done in a day!

Post BiaD to-do list

We had a jam-packed day that meant there was very little to follow up on. The main task was collating all the files and exporting print ready versions of the leaflet and business cards. Theresa will be able to have these professional printed and ready to start promoting her business to new clients.

We encouraged Theresa to update her Facebook page regularly with new menus, photos and offers. We also recommended that she shares online content (related to Caribbean food) that she finds interesting or inspiring. Theresa is now working on expanding her network to reach potential clients.

She now has a unified identity with key elements she can edit in the future; we look forward to seeing how her new materials fare for her business – good luck Theresa and Teelicious Cuisine!


Lessons learned

We approached this BiaD similarly to previous successful days, by assigning each guru a certain task and this again proved to work really well. Starting the day with and in-depth discussion of what Theresa was hoping to achieve meant that we were all on the same page from the start. We had thought about re-designing the logo before the day but after speaking with Theresa we came to the conclusion this wasn’t necessary and there were some far more important aspects to focus on. Being able to adjust to the clients needs is crucial, especially under the time constraints of one day.

We needed access to Theresa’s FaceBook page during the day but unfortunately she couldn’t remember her passwords, or which emails she signed up with for the resets, so it took a bit of time on the day to get in. Main lesson here is to come prepared with all your login details!

To find out more about Teelicious Cusine and the catering Theresa can offer in the London area, please visit her website or FaceBook page.

Since working with the BiaD team I have been receiving lots of enquiries and regular bookings with more clients. I am convinced that my business will be successful as a result of the work you helped me with.

Theresa Bernard

Teelicious Cuisine

Gurus on the day

  • Oliver Tomlinson (TDL-Creative): Facilitator and FaceBook setup
  • Sammi Loerns (TDL-Creative): Website editor and designer
  • Sarah Mason (TDL-Creative): Copy editing and project managing
  • Najoua Baba (MAXIMUS): Copy editing and photography