The Idea Seed

The ideas behind Digital Craftsmanship have been developing over the past ten years and recent projects such as Slipstream and Kew House have proven that this is a viable, and becoming more widely sought after, way of building.

Tim Lucas who formed the ‘Geometrics’ team at Price & Myers wanted a Business in a Day to address a number of constraints to make Digital Craftsmanship a sustainable business:

  • The traditional way of contracting and financial reward is not appropriate for this work
  • Whilst there is a growing awareness of the technology, many potential clients do not have a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities these open up and how economically it can be done
  • Current engineering degrees do not equip people with the right skills for this type of work – there is a need to attract and train up people with the potential to undertake this type of work

BiaD sought to bring together a group of individuals for a day to explore these issues from different perspectives, and help Tim to create a draft Business Model and Marketing Strategy.

Outputs from the day

Initially we’d planned to press print on a draft Business Model and Marketing Strategy at the end of the day, but as the day progressed it became clear there were a number of things to investigate before these could be achieved.

The day followed the structure of interviews between gurus and individuals who were part of the Digital Craftsmanship journey. The on-site TDL-Creative team turned the discussions into a structured ‘Vision Document’ – using diagrams where they could to explain feedback the Gurus had for Tim the Seed Owner.

The Vision Document was structured to replicate the sessions throughout the day, and these were designed to follow the journey of a Digital Craftsmanship project:

  1. Pre-planning
  2. Concept
  3. Design
  4. Fabricate
  5. Installation
  6. In use

The day was recorded by Ian Gibbons and his team from Panvista Productions, so they had all the material required for a promotional ‘story’ film about Digital Craftsmanship.

Post BiaD to-do list

The BiaD team were a bit overwhelmed by all the good ideas and discussion from the day, so they had to create the final Vision Document after the event. They still managed to turn it around in a couple of days though!

Ian had all he needed for the video, so his team cut it all together after the day.

Lessons learned

It doesn’t matter how much planning we do before the day, the actual day can take an unexpected U-turn once the Gurus get involved!

What was so good about the day was the opportunity to explain an idea and see understanding and a lot of endorsement of it from the participants.

Tim Lucas

Partner, PRICE & MYERS

Gurus on the day