The Idea Seed

The idea behind Business in a Day is found in our About page, but we needed to give ourselves an online presence and identity. So why not test out the BiaD process on our own company…

As we already had a name, all we had to do before the day was to register a web domain and collect photos and testimonials from previous BiaD customers, this way we had most of the content ready for the site.

Outputs from the day


We developed a logo and colour palette for use in documents and throughout the website. The brief was to be fun and not too corporate!


To save time, the website was created from a WordPress theme we purchased from Themezilla. By the end of the day we had a fully functional, branded website containing the following pages:

  • Home page
  • About page with downloadable ‘BiaD on a page’ diagram
  • How it works – elements of the BiaD diagram included
  • Gurus page with mini bios and photos
  • Blog page with two posts
  • Customers portfolio page with details of one project
  • Contacts page with online contact form

Post BiaD to-do list

We had the complete web page but needed to populate a bit more of the text. Luckily the WordPress template enabled Oliver (the Seed Owner) to do this himself, and even add images for the customer projects.

After a little snagging and fine-tuning, the website was tested and live just three working days after the BiaD.

Lessons learned

This was only a small team of three, with the Seed Owner participating in the BiaD outcomes and writing content for the web pages; we might have got even more done if we had a writer as one of the Gurus.

It was great to test out the BiaD process on ourselves, and see our business develop from a blank page to something more real.

Oliver Tomlinson

Managing Creative Director, TDL-Creative

Gurus on the day

  • Oliver Tomlinson (TDL-Creative): Facilitator and Writer (also Seed Owner)
  • Ryan Lee (TDL-Creative): Identity and Graphic Design.
  • Tim Breeze (Dash & Dot): Website design and build.