1) Idea Seed

A ‘Seed Owner’ has an idea for a business but requires some specialist help to turn the idea into reality. It might be a completely new business, or an innovative new element to an existing one.

The ideal Seed Owners will have:

  • A real drive and passion to succeed
  • A hands on, get things done, attitude
  • The ability to make decisions quickly

2) The Potting Shed

The Seed Owner discusses the idea with a BiaD Mentor and key outcomes are defined. An Idea Profile is drafted and Gurus are matched to the outcomes required.

Examples of potential outcomes:

  • Clearly defined user journeys and service design
  • Rich pictures and operating models
  • Branding and marketing collateral
  • Website and e-commerce design
  • Actionable business plans and strategy


Between the Potting Shed and the actual business in a day, the BiaD Mentor is busy finding the right gurus for your business idea. We have a growing pool of expert gurus, and pick the most appropriate individuals to accomplish the outcomes of your day.

This doesn’t mean the Seed Owner gets to sit back and relax! They can be preparing for the day, doing things such as registering a web domain and investigating any specific items brought up in the Potting Shed. For some more pre-BiaD items, please read our Imperial Press case study.

3) Business in a Day

The BiaD Mentor has planned an action-packed day focused on delivering outcomes for the Seed Owner. They coordinate the Gurus and facilitate quick fire questions and answers with the Seed Owner.

By the end of the day (which might be quite a long one!), outcomes have been achieved and the Seed Owner is confident they can progress with their business idea. The Seed Owner will have the ability to finish off a to-do list for any remaining tasks after the day, allowing them to nurture their idea into germination…

4) Germination

The BiaD outcomes have enabled the idea to germinate, and now the Seed
Owner must tend to the idea to make it grow into a healthy business.

The BiaD community of Gurus and the BiaD Mentor may be available to
provide ongoing advice in this critical point of business growth.

5) Growth

The business continues to grow, using and adapting the outcomes created from the BiaD programme. The Seed Owner may become a Guru for future BiaD events, sharing knowledge to others.

Of course we can’t guarantee a thriving and successful business, a lot of that is down to the Seed Owner, but we can add a quick fire injection of talent to get your ideas off the ground.

Want to know more? We’ve prepared a version of our BiaD process for you to download as a PDF, please click the link below.
The Full Process