You know your business idea inside out, but there may be some specific skills you need to turn your idea into reality; that’s where the gurus can help. We have a growing pool of expert gurus, and pick the most appropriate individuals to accomplish the outcomes of your day.

We’ve got too many gurus to list, but here are some of our regular BiaD contributors and their specific skills

Oliver Tomlinson

Design & BiaD Strategy

Hard working and ambitious with a passion for creating innovative and successful user-centric designs. Oliver runs his own design consultancy and started the BiaD idea in 2014.
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TDL-Creative Team

Graphic Design

The TDL-Creative team use diagrams and design methods to transform information, enabling customers to explain complex procedures, processes, business models or concepts.
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Tim Breeze


Provider of an all-in-one ‘Branded Web Design’ service, designing with customers in order to best meet the needs and demands of their projects. Based in Herefordshire where he loves walking his dog!
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Jo Lucas

Change & innovation

Over 15 years experience of implementing change within large and complex organisations, including HS2, UCL, London Underground, BAA and Network Rail.
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Ian Gibbons

Video production

Founded Panvista Productions in 2009 with a firm belief, that a well crafted video, has power to engage with every potential customer.
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