Forget hundreds of sticky notes, let’s get things done in a day…


Business in a Day is a one day workshop bringing together a group of individuals to focus on achieving outputs for a business idea. The day involves ‘Gurus’ from different fields, matched to the business idea.

The outputs are defined by the ‘Seed Owner’ of a business idea, and the gurus help to explore these issues from different perspectives. It is a day of fast-paced action and prototyping, resulting in tangible outputs and a germinating business.

How It Works Our Customers


What can you get done in a day?

As the Seed Owner, you might want help to design business materials such as an identity and branding, or you might need some strategic direction get your idea off the ground. Here are a few things we’ve accomplished in a day:

  • Complete set of branding materials, e.g. logo, colour schemes, business cards, marketing leaflets
  • Company website with editable content by the Seed Owner
  • eCommerce solutions including website, product packaging and logistics
  • Business and marketing plans

Where has Business in a Day come from?

Oliver Tomlinson

Oliver Tomlinson started a design agency in 2011 and has always thought design isn’t just about making pretty pictures. He believes that ‘design thinking’ is a key element in creating a new business, or developing an existing one.

A good designer can create beautiful marketing collateral and intuitive websites, but they can also think of the whole user/customer journey, and therefore design a business around a user-centric approach. They can break down the system and visualise design solutions for all key touchpoints. It was this belief that made him feel the right team could DESIGN a business in a day.

Oliver put his theory into practice in 2014 with The Imperial Press, and the momentum of Business in a Day has been growing ever since.

Who we have helped so far…

The Imperial Press
Complete design of a start-up company selling reproduction Victorian prints. By the end of the day, we had designed and built a complete eCommerce website and brand identity.
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Digital Craftsmanship
Developing a service offering within the structural engineering firm PRICE & MYERS. We helped create a ‘vision document’ for explaining and promoting Digital Craftsmanship.
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Business in a Day
Creating our very own website – this one! The day included an identity, website and content to document all future Business in a Day initiatives – helping people’s ideas to grow.
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Time Therapies
Time Therapies, a business offering corporate and personal massage in London needs to stand out from the crowd, so a super-slick identity makeover was required in this Business in a Day.
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